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      Trafford described the hunting of the fox as pursued in England, and Esmeralda listened with deep interest."Oh--o-oh--oh, yes, certainly. That was right! To whom had she--?"

      The word stung him like the cut of a whip. His lips set tightly; but he said nothing. What could he say?


      There is no one there, she said, with the recklessness of despair.Across the hall a prolonged carol of acclamation, confabulation, laughter, and cries of "Ah-r, indeed!" told that Anna's word was out. "What difference," Irby lingered to ask, "can an hour or two between trains--?"

      Write to me. Tell me whether you have asked her. I must know, though your answer will probably make me more wretched than I am already; and I am miserable enough, God knows!Cant say, guvnor, he said; Im not Simons nuss. He left this ere camp jest after the coach busness, and when the police came poking their noses. We aint answerable for Simon and his goings-on, and if yer want im yerd better go and find im. An if yer arst me, I think you Three Star chaps are playin it pretty low down on a neighborin camp. Dogs Ear aint ad much reason for regardin Three Star with brotherly love up ter now, an this ere foolishness is a-goin to be chalked up agin you.


      The if you wish it smote him keenly.