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      Manes silently tried to avoid his masters eye.Strybele anxiously entered, approached Ariston, and seized his arm.

      Bending with noiseless laughter the negro nodded and went.

      65 Byssa blushed and lowered her eyes, but she did not lose her presence of mind.

      How long Byssa sat thus she knew not.

      Do not grieve, fair Byssa, he said. A man must secure himself against such a foe as Lyrcus....

      "Hilary!" she wailed, and as the echoes of the green wood died, "Hilary!" again. On one side there was more light in the verdure than elsewhere and that way she called. That way she moved stumblingly and near the edge of a small clear space cried once more, "Hilary!... Hilary!"

      He did not move or cry out even when he saw that the woman was Esmeralda.


      The two men went out, and Esmeralda sunk into a chair. The woman put some food on the table and motioned Esmeralda to eat and drink. She drank some tea and nibbled at some bread and butter, though, as may be well understood, she was not much inclined for eating; but she deemed it best to put on a cheerful countenance and affect to take things coolly.


      One of the Dogs Ear men rode round, stared, swore, and raised his revolver, and Varley would have paid the penalty for his fool-hardiness there and then, but with a cry of warning Esmeralda bent down and snatched the lamp from Varleys hand and dashed it into the face of his assailant. The next instant all was darkness, for one of the Dogs Ear men had smashed the other lantern with a bullet.And how sad to find there was a victim, after all, when poor, threadbare old Doctor Visionary, inventor of the machine-gun and a new kind of powder, began to be missed by his landlady, there being, in Captain Kincaid's absence, no one else to miss him. Yes, it was the Captain who had got him a corner to work in at the powder-mill. So much the worse for both. Now plans, models, formulae, and inventor were gone in that one flash and roar that shook the whole city and stopped all talk of Captain Kincaid's promotion as an earthquake stops a clock.


      He spoke excitedly, for Esmeraldas presence filled him with joy. He had no idea that anything was wrong.