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      "But does my lord remember the last time I was there? He didn't want me thenhe told me he shouldn't be counselled by such as I. There is no rent due, and I have done no wrongand there can be no business for me at the castle."The monk made a lowly obeisance as he approached the abbot, and when desired to make known his business, he detailed in a brief but perspicuous manner the charge against Edith. The superior listened with calm attention; but it was evident that the Baron de Boteler was not one with whom he would feel disposed to interfere.

      "Is the fight over?"He smiled grimly"I d?an't."

      There was silence, in which a coal fell. She still stood with her arms outstretched; he knew that she was calling himas no woman had ever called himwith all that of herself which was in his heart, part of his own being.

      She made a faint sound to show that she had heard him.

      Once more her attitude towards him had changed. She no longer felt the timid passion of the first months after her marriage, but she also no longer felt that sinister dread and foreboding which had succeeded it. She looked upon him less as her husband, inspiring alternately love and terror, than as the father of her children. She saw him, so to speak, through them. She loved him because they were his as well as hers. She spoke less of "I" and "he," and more of "us," "we," and "ours."

      "Infidel! devil!" shouted Tyler, springing over the railing of the sanctuary, and raising his clenched fist: the candlestick fell from the grasp of the delinquent, and he reeled against the altar with the force of the blow. "What!" continued Tyler, aghast, "can it be Jack Straw?"


      "I will not answer till I am answered: but this I may say, be ye who ye will, that there is not a man I would befriend sooner than Stephen Holgrave."


      By the end of the year Reuben had saved enough money to buy five acres of Boarzell, in the low grounds down by Totease. He had saved chiefly on the wages of Blackman and Becky, though, against that, he had been forced to engage outside help for the hay in June, and also for the wheat in August. However, he had been lucky enough to secure tramp labour for this, which meant payment largely in barn-room and bread."Meddling knave!" said he, "why did you interfere? The woman was deadwhat more would you have? Did you understand it to be the custom of the lord of Sudley to war with dead enemies?"


      "Or that Meryon has given us, which is saying more," put in someone else.